Modern malicious programs or malware, include viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware are most common way for attack through e-mail.

Most common email threats:
The most common threats are classic spam attacks, spam with infected attachments or malicious links, as well as phishing, through them can attackers tried to get the user's sensitive information and passwords through fake websites or other methods.
A common method is a targeted form of phishing, focused at specific people with access to the most valuable data and information. This attacks are designed to theft of personal identity or to gain control over the computer. With this accessibility obtain attacker way to attack company network.
Directory Harvest Attack (DHA), used to get e-mail addresses through massive waves of e-mails with common names that spammers detect functional and vulnerable e-mails.
The potential damage caused by these threats cause a reduction in employee productivity and can easily escalate into serious problems, such as data leakage, financial loss, misuse customer information or damage the reputation of the company.
Many times it is just employee of the weakest element in the security policy of the company and therefore comany protect data from misuse or theft of data (DLP) via e-mail is very important.
Our solutions are designed not only for early detection of mentioned attacks, but mainly to prevent and stop before attack start or data theft ever could be realized.
Solutions from vendors WEBSENSE, TRENDMICRO and FORTINET are included:
AntiMalware ,Antivirus , Antispam, AntiPhishing, AntiSpyware, DLP, mobile DLP, Secure Email Delivery, Email archiving, File Sandboxing, Email Encryption, IM security, Image analyzis , reporting a many other functionalities.

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