Solution Cluster-in-a-Box is a pre-configured and pre-installed IT environment with high availability for small and medium sized businesses in a single cabinet. These solutions offer excellent price-performance ratio, which reduces the costs and risks to the absolute minimum. Solution Fujitsu Cluster-in-a-Box is the optimal combination of server, storage and network components. It is a cluster composed of two PRIMERGY servers, the central memory storage and network components in a compact design. This platform takes advantage of cluster to ensure high availability of Microsoft Windows Server 2012, thanks to which offers high quality at very low cost. As it comes to an error of one of the two nodes, services and applications on the second node is automatically restarted immediately, and are therefore running again in the shortest possible time.
The new generation of management software system allows faster means of ensuring IT infrastructure and easier user access to IT resources. Automated processes simplify provisioning workflow infrastructure management using a positive impact on operating costs of data centers. The concept of logical server hides the complexity of the lower physical infrastructure and simplifies and improves management efficiency of server resources. ServerView Resource Orchestrator is a key building block for dynamic resource management that ensures the integration and operation of infrastructure in the cloud computing environment.
SecTec company offers the following types of servers
  • Micro server
  • Blade server
  • Tower server
  • Scalable server
  • Rack Servers
  • PRIMERGY solutions
  • High Performance Computing HPC server
  • Energy-efficient server
The solution offers:

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