AddNet is a unique DDI / NAC tool for increasing the efficiency of IP address space management and access security management in large networks. This is achieved by integrating the IP address space management system, basic network services (DHCP, DNS), L2 monitoring, network access control (NAC) and advanced communication with active network elements.

Thanks to the use of the original Novicom technologies (SGP grid platforms, SDP communication protocol and FireBox applications), AddNet is ready for flexible deployment in large and distributed networks. The technical design of AddNet makes it possible to ensure the continuity of basic network services (L2 monitoring / DDI / NAC) in remote locations even in the event of a network interruption to a central location.

Network management has never been easier!

AddNet supports a unified interface for IPAM management with L2 monitoring, DDI and NAC. In practice, operators save a lot of time in managing the device, as opposed to conventional management, where these activities involve operations performed in several different systems. In AddNet, adding a new device to the network means working for 20 seconds!

The integrated L2 monitor alerts you to a new / unknown device in the network, unambiguously determines its location in the network and possibly also its physical location. The administrator can then select all the necessary information that AddNet offers him on one screen and add the necessary unique information. On one screen, it enters or selects and then confirms information about the address planning of the selected network, validity period, inclusion in the critical infrastructure, specific DHCP options, DNS name, etc. After confirming the record, the information will be immediately distributed to the entire AddNet infrastructure and all key subsystems of AddNet (IPAM, DHCP, DNS, RADIUS) will be updated.

AddNet functionality scope:

  • Powerful L2 monitoring is a real-time tool for monitoring the occurrence of devices in the network
  • Complete DDI (DHCP / DNS / IPAM) reliable basic network services and their easy control thanks to the integrated IPAM tool.
  • The integrated NAC (Network Access Control) advantage is independent of the type of infrastructure manufacturer. NAC functionality can also be provided in a remote location that is not connected to the headquarters.
  • Crisis planning support in the event of a security incident, it is possible to activate a crisis set with one click, which ensures immediate disconnection of all devices from the network (even those that are not defined in the crisis network)
  • Network management and access control for BYOD and mobile devices is a self-service zone where it is possible to conveniently add new devices to the network and create reception zones.
  • Advanced communication with active elements is able to monitor the utilization port and determine the ports of active elements that are not used
  • Overview Dashboard the most important information about the network and their use in one place
  • Detailed reporting brings extensive possibilities in obtaining detailed information about the device, for example in solving security incidents
  • Advanced network policy, which also includes microsegmency, work with trusted devices and trusted pools, or setting time slots
  • Active SOC can provide an immediate incident response in the form of isolation or disconnection of faulty devices by the SOC operator without requesting cooperation from the local network administrator.
  • Integration is ready for several integrations which make
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