Synapsa Networks has developed intelligent software tools for cyber security automation. Our founders have many years of experience in the field of cyber security and Enterprise Network Operations. The main areas of expertise have been derived from Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR), Adaptive Security Architecture (ASA) and Incident Response Automation.

Synapsa Networks focus on cyber security automation to prevent human error failures. We have interconnected detection & monitoring platforms with mitigation tools in computer networks environment; and provide automated security policy ruleset enforcement. Synapsa solutions take advantage from the synergy of machine and human expertise.

Synapsa Networks responds in particular to the difficulties encountered by the security departments (SecOps) and computer networks (NetOps) in normal operation. These include not only delayed responses to security threats in terms of capacity issues, but also delays in blocking attacks within common processes and technologies, which are managed by different departments in organizations.

Synapsa Interconnector is a tool for automating processes between monitoring or correlation (SIEM, TicketPortal, etc.) tools and active network and security elements. It speeds up and automates activities that are repeated in the form of security events and alerts and do not require in-depth analysis, are known threats and require immediate mitigation or blocking in the organization. Among other things, it can be used to interconnect any tools in an environment where human activity is burdened with activities that can be automated (eg Ticket Portal and implementation of rules within IT operations, infrastructure, etc.)


All this in real time and without the need to configure changes and rules on the mentioned tools manually, or wait for the intervention of the administrator.

Synapsa Firewall Auditor checks the deployment of security rules and policies on Firewalls for which the security administrator or operator does not have configuration privileges. Within the predefined rules on Synapse, it is possible to check and search for erroneous or incorrect rules that do not comply with the security rules in organizations. It can not only report information about findings for relevant departments, but also delete those with critical severity from the Firewall directly from the Firewalls. This rapidly reduces the risk of operational problems or potential security threats


Synapsa Networks provides an additional layer for orchestration for security operators from SecOps departments. Due to its simple configuration and modern form of docker (OS container and applications in one), it is possible to install and set up the solution within a few hours. It is available in the form of four licenses (subscriptions) and forms a unique solution not only in the field of protection against cyber threats, but especially in saving time, efficiency and elimination of human errors in IT, network and security departments. There is, of course, a whole range of functionalities for automation, notifications, visualization in the form of a dahsboard, or simple roles based management.



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