Radware based in Israel, was founded in 1997 and is a leader worldwide in integrated application delivery solutions, assures the full availability, maximum performance, and complete security of business-critical applications for nearly 10,000 enterprises and carriers worldwide.
With the increased deployment of web applications, the increased globalization of the workplace and the impact of IT trends such as service-oriented architecture, virtualization, mobility and more IT departments are constantly confronted with the requirements for the provision of increasingly higher level of efficiency and agility. With a comprehensive product pricing APSolute ® Radware, companies in every industry to increase productivity, improve profitability, and reduce operational and IT infrastructure costs, or maintain business continuity and achieve maximum productivity while keeping costs low.
Radware product portfolio maximizes ROI (return on investment) of IT by ensuring fast, reliable and secure availability of Web applications and network services that support business productivity. Radware solutions provide to the demands top performance and excellent throughput and scalability services. Due to its approach based on real requirements or "scale-as-you-grow" approach is not the new business requirements requires a strong upgrade, as well as new business requirements arise, but they are guaranteed short-term and long-term savings in investment costs (CAPEX ) and operating costs (OPEX) for the overall protection of investments.



Application Availability / Load Balancing

Ensuring dostupnoti, performance and security critical applications with Radware Alteon ADC (Application Delivery Controller) Load Balancer
Radware Alteon ADC as a load balancer provides advanced and comprehensive features to provide 24x7 application availability, performance and security for critical applications. The main functionalities are

  • Multi-site global load balancing of servers - a solution for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Guaranteed availability of applications in all circumstances - with the option of functions by redirecting traffic
  • Web applications faster response
  • Affordable, integrated virtualization

Application and Network security
Helps customers protect networks and applications with Radware AMS (Attack Mitigation Systems)
Radware AMS is the industry's first fully integrated IT security solution that protects the application infrastructure in real time against network and an application downtime, application vulnerability, the spread of malware and information theft attacks on web services.
The main functionalities are:

  • maintain business continuity and productivity
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Successfully block a DDoS and DoS attacks

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