Novicom, s.r.o. is a Czech software developer that has a significant position in the field of computer network, security and communication. It focuses on developing and running solutions for monitoring and management of large-scale networks with emphasis on a high level of security and operational reliability. Novicom distinguishes from the competition mainly by using its own original technologies and procedures that enable to apply highly sophisticated solutions with a wider range of functionalities.                   

In addition to development and production of advanced tools for network management and supervision, Novicom provides a wide variety of services ranging from analysis and consultancy, through implementation and service of its own solutions, to user and administrator trainings.

Addnet is the most significant product developed by Novicom.It is a Czech unique integrated DDI/NAC tool that in a highly efficient way provides IP address management services (IPAM), Basic Network Services (DHCP/DNS), Network Access Control (NAC), necessary information on the localization of a device in the network (L2 monitoring) and other very essential functions for network management and security.

AddNet also delivers robustness, superior operational reliability, security and deployment flexibility. All this is given by original Novicom technologies, such as the own SGP grid platform, SDP communication protocol or the Firebox Appliance system.

Thanks to its partnership program,Novicom offers an exciting opportunity to companies that are ready to provide their customers with innovative solutions and want to increase their competitiveness in the field of monitoring and efficient network management.


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