FlowMon is an international vendor (manufacturer & producer)  of network and security solutions specialized in flow monitoring (NetFlow/IPFIX), Network Behavior Analysis (NBA), FPGA acceleration, IP Data Retention and IP Lawful Interception. Our focus is on delivering high performance solutions with the best price/performance/user experience ratio on the market. FlowMon operates worldwide through its channels.
FlowMon is the leader in the flow monitoring & NBA market which is considered by Gartner as the next generation network security trend complementing and enhancing legacy security products such as firewall and IDS/IPS. Through our FPGA division we excel in 10G/40G/100G packet capture and packet processing technologies.

FlowMon product portfolio represents complex solution for monitoring networks based on flow data (NetFlow/IPFIX). Product portfolio consists of powerful autonomous FlowMon ProbesFlowMon Collectors and FlowMon modules which extend the functionality of FlowMon Probes and Collectors. The FlowMon Probe analyzes each passing packet and based on these data generate NetFlow statistics. NetFlow statistics are exported to FlowMon Collectors, stored and prepared for the visualization and analysis of user using FlowMon Monitoring Center. Using FlowMon modules it is possible to extend FlowMon Collector functionality and thus perform more advanced analysis of NetFlow statistics. FlowMon portfolio of modules consists of modules:

  • FlowMon ADS  (Anomaly Detection System) for automatic anomaly and network traffic analysis and security and operational incident identification.
  • FlowMon APM  (Application Performance Monitoring) for monitoring of performance HTTP/HTTPS application and SQL databases from user point of view.
  • FlowMon Traffic Recorder  for on-demand full packet capture and traffic recording.
  • FlowMon DDoS Defender  for detection and mitigation of volumetric attacks like DoS/DDoS.
  • FlowMon can be also extended with traditional SNMP tool Zabbix provided free of charge.

Network monitoring based on flow data brings numerous benefits and reduces the financial cost of managing the network for everyone – small, medium and large businesses, government and academic institutions, Internet Service Providers (ISP) and data centers. FlowMon is complete solution for monitoring and security of computer networksfrom 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps and provides:

  • Detailed overview of what is happening in computer network
  • Fast and effective network troubleshooting
  • Enhanced network security and disclosure of internal and external attacks
  • Network anomaly detection – communication with C& C servers, infected devices, DDoS and other attacks
  • Long term statistics analysis with individual computers diversification, applications to the level of individual connections
  • Users and used services monitoring
  • Effective network capacity planning
  • IT infrastructure surveillance and management
  • Lowers network operation cost
  • Long term saving of network traffic statistics
  • Unique benefits for all organization departments – Network and security administrators, CIOs
  • Simplify network management for administrators, increase users and customers satisfaction
  • Network and application performance parameters monitoring, performance problem causes identification
  • Easy QoS planning and monitoring
  • Peering agreements optimization and SLA compliance monitoring
  • Accounting and billing based on transferred data
  • Easy noninvasive deployment into infrastructure

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