The Industry’s Leading Industrial Cybersecurity Company

Claroty was conceived and is actively supported by the world famous Team8 foundry. With substantial funding from an unrivaled syndicate of global investors, including some of the most important industrial automation companies on earth, Claroty has built the leading company in industrial cyber today.

Claroty’s technology has been tested, selected and adopted by the most influential industrial automation control vendors and networking companies in the world.

Claroty has assembled an unprecedented executive team and attracted a premier interdisciplinary team of cybersecurity and industrial control system experts. We leveraged deep ICS knowledge and experience gained from industry and elite cyber units of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Claroty has very large-scale production deployments across six continents and nine industrial segments with offices around the globe.

Claroty is the company that will be there to protect your critical industrial

Technology consists of a set of integrated cybersecurity products that deliver extreme visibility of industrial control networks (ICS/OT). Its Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology delivers award-winning vulnerability and threat monitoring, enabling our customers to mitigate zero-day threats and avoid costly downtime.

Key Benefits

Continuous Threat Detection delivers immediate value enabling customers to:

Rapidly detect industrial operations risk, enhance cyber resiliency, and minimize unplanned downtime

• Prevent impact to physical processes, expensive industrial equipment or injuries to people

• Quickly deploy and scale across multiple sites and reduce overall management costs

Extreme Visibility

Continuous Threat Detection deeply understands ICS network communications, protocols and behaviors – providing detailed, accurate information that remains up-to-date. The system automatically discovers asset details across the entire industrial network – IP assigned, nested assets and assets that communicate over serial connections.

Increased Operational Efficiency

CTD helps find and fix issues that can impact security and operations, such as software vulnerabilities, network misconfigurations, clear-text passwords, unsecured connections, and many more. By generating context-rich actionable alerts – SOC and Security teams have immediate situational awareness and the details required to rapidly investigate issues and collaborate with “shop floor” teams to resolve problems.

Real-time Threat Monitoring

• Critical changes: rapidly detect changes that pose a potential or actual impact to the industrial process.

• Known and Unknown Threats: Identify anomalous behavior and other indicators that reveal malicious presence in the network.

Attack Vector Analysis

Is an analysis and simulation tool that helps identify what are the potential vulnerabilities and

potential pathways to critical assets within your ICS network. Leveraging advanced correlation and detailed insights, SOC and security teams can prioritize remediation efforts.

Virtual Zones

The system analyzes the network and smartly combines assets into logical groups (micro

segmentation). It automatically generates alert policies for communications between assets in a segment and enables the system to highlight and alert on potentially critical communications across micro segments.


With existing security tools including: Security Event and Incident Management (SIEM), Log

Management, Security Analytics.

End-to-End Fully Integrated Platform

Claroty’s fully integrated suite of cybersecurity products addresses the unique challenges of ICS systems so that engineers, operators, and cybersecurity professionals can protect even the most complex industrial networks.

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