2016 Gartner Critical Capabilities Report

27.9.2016 Curiosities

  INDUSTRY ANALYST REPORT In Gartner's recently published report, “Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention*,” Forcepoint’s TRITON AP-DATA DLP solution received the highest Product Score given in the Regulatory Compliance use case, scoring a 4.0 out of...

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Flowmon partners with cyberkombat to train next generation security experts

2.9.2016 Curiosities

With the modern day cyber threat constantly changing, it is of utmost importance for security teams to be sufficiently prepared to defend. The CyberKombat is an attack/defence experience program delivered at Satisnet Innovation Centre in Luton, United Kingdom.“CyberKombat is created through a...

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What is Ethical Hacking?

13.6.2016 Curiosities

All of them mean the same thing: A hacker that helps organizations uncover security issues with the goal of preventing those security flaws from being exploited. The idea behind ethical hacking is to pay the ‘good guys’ to find any holes the ‘bad guys’ would, before they can get to them. ...

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