Forcepoint - Insider Threat Data Protection

10.3.2017 Bezpečnosť

To protect your organization from a hijacked system, stolen credentials, a rogue insider or an employee’s unintentional actions, you need complete data protection with the unrivaled visibility of Forcepoint™’s Insider Threat Data Protection (ITDP) solution, which links data movement with user...

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Three Key Steps to Protect Against Ransomware

20.7.2016 Bezpečnosť

Attackers have traditionally profited by stealing identities or credit card numbers, and then selling them on underground markets. According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, the price for stolen records has fallen, so cyber attackers are on the hunt for new ways to make a profit....

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Previous What you should know getting started with your new Apple iPad

16.5.2016 Bezpečnosť

Great news – you purchased a new iPad! Of course, you’ll want to set it up, install a number of apps and start using it on all cylinders. So, let’s now see what each new iPad user should know before getting started. There are a lot of articles on the Internet, which cover the best iOS apps...

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Kaspersky Lab Exposes the Poseidon Group: A Commercial Malware Boutique Operating on Land, Air and Sea

11.2.2016 Bezpečnosť

Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team has announced the discovery of the Poseidon Group, an advanced threat actor active in global cyber-espionage operations since at least 2005. What makes the Poseidon Group stand out is that it’s a commercial entity, whose attacks involve custom...

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Carbanak and beyond: banks face new attacks

11.2.2016 Bezpečnosť

A year after Kaspersky Lab warned that cybercriminals would start to adopt the tools and tactics of nation-state backed APTs in order to rob banks, the company has confirmed the return of Carbanak as Carbanak 2.0 and uncovered two more groups working in the same style: Metel and GCMAN. They attack...

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