Gemalto is the leading provider of digital security products and solutions. Our comprehensive end-to-end solutions secure enterprise networks and end-users' digital identities with smart-card based strong authentication.  These systems protect end-users against key-logging, password cracking, phishing attacks and also support certificate-based services such as digital signature, file encryption and secure logon.  Gemalto’s innovative solutions are designed to make personal interactions more convenient and enjoyable.  With operations in 40 countries and over 10,000 employees, more than one billion people worldwide use the company’s products for telecommunications, financial services, e-government, identity and access management, IT security, mass transit and many other applications.

Identity and Access Security

We help organizations protect and manage their logical, physical, and cloud-based data assets. Our strong multi-factor authentication solutions support a range of form factors and authentication methods providing the highest level of protection.

Gemalto IDPrime .NET cards put state of the art technology to the service of organizations committed to take their IT Security and Identity & Access infrastructure to the next level. Two-factor authentication (2FA) solutions help secure your company's digital assets from end to end.  IDPrime .NET 510 cards support  for two different 2FA technologies: Digital Certificates (PKI) and One Time Passwords (OTP), now proposed as an option. Choose the one that suits you best, or combine both at once for different uses.

SmartCard Readers

Gemalto has over 15 years of experience in providing high quality smart card interfaces. It has been recognized as a world’s smart card reader market leader for the last five years and has delivered over fifteen million units to date to thousands of customers worldwide. Companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, Pfizer, US Department of Defense, Nedbank and Dell to name a few have relied on our expertise for their smart card-based solutions.


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